Benefits Of Avocados Everyone Should Know

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Avocado is a unique fruit because it is one of the few fruits in the world that has high nutritional value , studies have shown that avocado show multiple health benefits and no other fruit shows .

How Healthy Are Avocados

This fruit has a high nutritional value and has become  incredibly popular among these fitness freaks because of its low fat high nutrition ,  it has rich amount of vitamins and minerals and can also be refereed as super fruit .

Avocados are found in much variety Shapes and sizes,  they can be a pear shaped round shaped it is also found in green and black colour,  hass avocado is one of the most popular avocadoes and is loved by everyone because of its nutrition value.

Avocodo is a highly digestive fruit that anyone can digest,  it is also observed by body very fast because of it’s highly nutrition value 

Only the skin of the fruit is eaten it is really rich in taste 

Are some of the nutritional facts about avocado

  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin E
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin B5 and b6
  • Vitamin C
  • It is also rich in copper iron magnesium zinc and phosphorus 

It contains more potassium than any other fruit

Bananas are really nutritious food and a good for people  who are looking for gains but when it comes to bodybuilding and muscle building people usually don’t want to eat excess amount of fats but there is a need of potassium in your diet,  so if you are looking for a replacement of a banana then avocados are the best.

It has shown that people who have high potassium diet have lower risk of heart attacks and stroke,  and also have good blood flow.

Avocados contain heart healthy saturated fatty acids

Avocados are rich in fat but that fat is healthy fat which is a saturated fat and is good for heart,  it has same oleic acid is found in olive oil, There are several health benefits of this oleic acid.

Oleic acid has also been known for reducing inflammation in the body,  inflammation that is caused by an injury or swelling, because of this the back problems of the back pain reduces.

 They also help you beat the heat it, as they are resistant to heat

Avocados are rich in fiber

This Fruit contain high quantity of fiber which is good for digestion,  fibre helps in weight loss and reduces amount of sugar in your body, I would just say that it lowers the risk of diseases caused due to high sugar and fat 

about 7% of the weight of avocado consists of fiber and it is in high amount when compared to other fruits,  fiber improve body metabolism and helps in reducing weight and amount of fat in your body, it also makes digestive system stronger.

Avocados lower cholesterol in your body

There is high risk of heart disease in this world is days and this is because of the an Healthy lifestyle and food that people usually eat,  there are why risk of heart diseases just because of the lifestyle that people are living these days, avocados can lower your cholesterol Ooh amount in your body because it consists of healthy fats that are good for your heart.

As I have already mentioned above it also increases the blood flow in the body  and lois risk of heart diseases

People who eat avocados are healthier

Studies have shown that people who eat avocados on a daily basis our health care just because of its head nutritional value and its benefits,  I would highly recommend you to add avocados in your daily diet just because of these factors that I have mentioned above.

It has a high amount of healthy fat source that will help you reduce your weight and make your heart healthy, it also increases the blood flow of your body and also makes you think smarter .

avocado oil is an antioxidant and if you will add it in your daily diet it will make your skin in and heart healthy.

Avocado can protect your eyes

Studies have shown that avocado are highly antioxidant and help up  in absolving antioxidants from other fruits.

They have carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin are important for eye health,  so people who are suffering from eye problems like itchy eyes or unhealthy Eyes,  avocados our highly recommended to them.

Avocados help prevent cancer

Avocado is a highly nutritious  fruit and Limited researches are showing that avocados can help fight cancer,  it reduces side Effects that are caused due to chemotherapy.

Avocados  also prevent growth of cells or mainly cancer cells that reduces the spreading of Cancer or slows down the rate of cancer.  but these studies were not made on humans so there has been no proven facts. 

Avocados help in reducing weight 

Fats high nutrition value and fibre present in it it helps in reducing weight,  avocados also help you in recovering guilt of eating and healthy food and it will make you feel happier if you will eat avocado as your daily diet

 long term use of avocados have proven  more beneficial to people’s health, studies have shown that people who eat avocados daily are more fitters slimmer and healthy.

Bottom Line 

At last I would just say that I would highly recommend adding avocado fruit in your daily diet because it has really high benefits health benefits, It is a super fruit with super Health  benefits

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