Best Natural & Ayurvedic Face Products For Acne

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So what exactly causes acne ?

Acne is actually clogging of skin which is caused by dry skin, which makes pores of the skin blocked and this blocks extra oil from the skin from passing through, because of all this black heads and white heads are caused. This is environment is perfect for bacteria’s and fungi’s which causes swelling is the skin.

In adults acne is caused by hormonal changes like use of steroids like testosterone, in adults is is very common that pimples and not maintaining proper hygiene can be converted into cystic acne after some years or months of carelessness, in adults it can also be genetic of the person is not maintaining proper diet, all this thing may lead to inflation in skin and which cause acne.

How To Bring Acne Under Control

Getting rid of acne can be tough because it is skin related problem but it is not impossible, you can use salicylic acid, it gets inside the pores and clears the blockage by removing sebum, it also prevents blocking of the skin pores and dissolves the dead skin and reduces the swelling, it also clears the surface of the skin and helps in making skin look brighter and younger, all skin types can use this and will definitely help you in making your acne disappear.

Second thing that the dermatologist will recommend is benzoyl peroxide (BPO or BzO2) it is a industrial grade chemical which is used to treat acne and is highly recommended by doctors to adults who is suffering from acne for a long time, this also clears the blocked pores from the skin which prevents Bactria from developing in the skin, it is less irritating to the skin and is more effecting the any other thing in the market. 

What I would recommend is that any product that you choose should be non-comedogenic this means it will not block pores on the skin, you should take care any product that you choose should not contain any oily substance because oul will block pores on the skin, you should also take care that you stay away from dust and sunlight when you are undergoing recovery process for acne.

Herbal methods that will bring your acne under control

Best natural face products for acne
  1. Tea tree oil -: It is a natural and has anti -inflammatory and anti bacterial properties and as discussed before that main cause of acne is Bactria, applying this on skin will make your skin more clear

  2. Aloe Vera-: it is one of the best herbal and the natural product that you can use on your skin, drinking aloe-Vera juice can prevent indigestion and indigestion is the main cause for unhealthy skin.

  3. Honey-: Honey treats infection and also increases your immunity towards infection, applying honey on pimples will help you in making your pimples disappear.

  4. Garlic-: Garlic is the most traditional medicine that helps in treating infection on the body, this helps in fighting germs and has good skin healing properties.

  5. Coconut oil-: Even though I have mentioned above that oil is not good for acne but coconut oil is an exception, it has anti inflammation and healing properties, it will help in healing your wounds or damaged skin, it can also be used in the healing process of acne, you can apply on the itchy area and it will prevent itching on skin.   

If you are looking to get your acne under control, we have chosen some of the herbal face products that will help you in getting your acne under control and making your skin more clear.

Patanjali Saundarya Aloe Vera Kesar Chandan Jell

This is a herbal jell contains Aloe Vera, chandan and kessar that has antioxidant and skin nourishing properties, this jell is best herbal and natural solution for acne, this jell will also prevent you from sunburns, pigmentation and dark spots, it will make your skin clear and shiny

Aloe Vera Fiber

Aleo vera fiber also helps in making your skin more clear, the main cause of unhealthy skin is indigestion, even though it is not a face product but I will highly recommend this product because it is also important to finish the internal cause before getting to external, it will improve your digression and make your skin healthy

Patanjali Aloe-vera Kanti Face Cleanser

It is a skin care face product, you can wash your face with this twice a day, it contains aleo-vera and is really good for skin cleansing and clearing extra oil from your face, clearing the pores will prevent Bactria formation

Botaya Herb BK Gold Plus Set Skin Cream Herbal Soap Acne Blemish

This is a skin nourishing cream that is used in preventing further skin damage, it prevents flakey skin and acne, it will start showing its affects in seven days, it also has anti inflammation properties, it contains neem(Indian lilac) which is very good for skin

Herbal Vitamin C Facial Cleanser

I would personally highly recommend this product and the reason is that it suitable for all skins, it has high anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, it is gentle to face, it repairs damaged skin and keeps skin hydrated, it is one of the best product for preventing acne and even healing old acne that has troubled you for years.

Himalaya Purifying Neem & Turmeric Cleansing Bar

Another neem soap by big brand, Himalaya has I reputation in making affordable word class products, as I have mentioned above maintaining a good hygiene is really important if you want to get rid of acne, use this soap to was your face twice a day

Organic Face Scrub-Herbal Unity

This face scrub contains Green Tea Avocado & Jojoba Oil which is very good for skin, scrubbing this herbal face product will help you skin cleansing and will detox your skin, it will remove extra oil from your skin and make you skin healthy smooth and brighter. 

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