Is Fruitarian Diet Healthy For You ?

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Nowadays, a fruitarian diet has become a trend. It’s become a new way of life.

Fruitarian, as the name suggests- eating nothing but raw fruits, nuts and seeds.

From Bodybuilders to Instagram fitness gurus, every health-conscious person is highly influenced by the fact that eating only raw fruits can change their lives.

You know for some time even Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs started following a fruitarian diet.

It is an extremely restrictive Vegan diet.

Other food types like grain and pulses are firmly limited or removed from the diet completely. Cooked form of food such as rice, chapattis even cooked fruits is strictly prohibited.

Moreover, there are several ways to follow a fruit diet. Some people eat only fallen fruits on the ground, Instead of those who have been picked by hands. Whereas some people won’t prefer to eat seeds in fruits as they can produce a new plant.

Maybe it sounds great to you, but such type of diet carries huge risks, like Malnutrition or malnourishment, so consult your doctor before opting a completely fruit-based diet.

They can help you or guide you in meeting your body’s nutritional needs without putting your life or health in danger.

However, if you’re fascinated in following this highly restricted diet or are already following it, there are a few things that you should know.

Fruitarian Diet… What does it mean?

A fruitarian diet doesn’t mean eating only raw fruits. According to the diet rules, your diet must include at least 75% of raw fruits and 25% of seeds and nuts. However, consumption of fruits more than 50% can cause nutritional imbalances in your body.

Apple CEO said that opting a fruitarian diet helped him in firing his creativity. Whereas famous actor Ashton Kutcher had to be admitted to the hospital due to this fruit diet.

You know, currently, it’s a lot more than a diet. It becomes a fashion on social sites like Instagram, where the lifestyle of people is highly visible. 

There are more than 400,000 posts and stories on Instagram with the hashtag #fruitarian. These posts usually highlight young and healthy women, Smoothies with fruits and wonderful fruit platters. 

Through such mesmerising posts and stories, you will surely find this diet healthy and glamorous.

If you are a fruit lover, then definitely you will feel that you can easily opt a fruitarian diet. But guys you are wrong! 

It’s tough to manage as a fruitarian even for three days as you will start feeling ill and energyless.

Why do people do it?

Restricting your diet to just on fruits is certainly not good for health. Our body needs protein, vitamins, fat, and carbohydrates for proper functioning, and fruits can only give carbs.

Besides such complications, there are several reasons why people are still choosing a fruitarian diet, which includes:

– To take a rest from cooking

– To detox their body

– To lessen calories 

– To be extra environmentally-friendly

– To show their superior moral values

Benefits of Fruitarian Diet

Fruits are flooded with anti-oxidants and vitamins, beta-carotene and Vitamin C. Researched have shown that eating fruits can help in reducing the risk of cancer and other incurable illnesses.

This may also reduce your weight, but you can’t count this as a benefit. Your weight will increase back when you stop this diet.

Risks of Fruitarian Diet

A complete fruit-based diet can cause severe health problems in your body. Here are a few of them:

Weight Gain: Fruits contain natural sugars in heavy amount. 

Many people say that they have lost weight by this diet, but in reality, due to the high amount of sugar, eating fruits can place you at risk of gaining weight.

Diabetic Patients: In pre-diabetic or diabetic cases, following a fruitarian diet can prove to be a very dangerous decision for their health.

The huge amount of sugar in fruits can impact blood sugar levels negatively. Moreover, such diets can also dangerous for people suffering from kidney or pancreatic disorders.

Tooth Decay: There is a high risk of tooth deterioration due to the high sugar content in the fruits. You know that apples have more tooth decaying power than candy and soda.

Moreover, some fruits like oranges which are acidic can erode tooth enamel.

Nutritional deficiencies:  People who follow the Fruitarian diet usually have low levels of Vitamin D, Iodine, Omega-3, Vitamin B12, fatty acids, which can result in nutritional deficiencies such as anaemia, fatigue, exhaustion and immune system dysfunction. 

Moreover, a low level of calcium in the body can cause osteoporosis.

These Nutritional deficiencies can only be filled by food resources such as dairy products, Pulses, Soya Proteins and others, which are highly restricted in the fruitarian diet. And thus gives rise to malnutrition. 

And if your body sense starving, then it will slow down your metabolism to conserve your body energy for essential functions. 

Moreover, limiting your diet to only fruits can result in fits of hunger, Starving, cravings or food fascinations. 

So, we’ll suggest you consult a doctor before starting your fruitarian diet. A doctor can recommend the dietary complements you’ll require to take to reduce the deficiencies of the vitamin and minerals in the body.

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