Reasons Why Your Body Needs a Detox

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There are so many article and blogs online that say that eating fruits of drinking green tea and having a detox diet help in losing weight, but in the end of the  day thought comes in the mind that is it really worth the pain, having eating tasteless food and drinking green tea that is almost tasteless. What if we tall you that there are many more ways by which you can lose weight and take out all the crappy food that you have eaten, be patient and follow these simple steps and you will definitely love the methods.

It Has been years and you have taken all the industrial grade fast foods that is full of sugar, calories and floor, this has made you lazy and unwilling to do anything, yes this is the truth all that fast food that you have eaten has brought a disastrous change in your body and if you will continue eating food full of calories and fat will worsen the condition, so it is really important that you bring change in your diet plan, that should be the first step in your detox diet.

Here are some signs your body needs to detox

1. You feel lazy and unhealthy all day

As mentioned above, this is the most important reason why you need a detox diet, you dont feel like doing anything all day, you are lazy and have headache all day, then i am pity sure detox will definitely help you improve your condition

2. You are looking for a weight loss

This can be the another reason why you want to detox your body, being overweight can be a big problem these days, because most of the population these days is overweight and the main problem is that overweight people have addition to fast food that is full of calories, secondly the increase amount of insulin in your body and hence does double the damage to your body, overweight people

3. Your sugar and crab intake is really high

You are eating lots of fat and sugar all day and it is leading to guild and shame, but still you can control your habits of eating, this is leading to a unhealthy lifestyle. Trust me if you will start a detox diet and control your tempt, there are many food industries that granite healthy food but in the last what the offer is either artificial sweeteners of some other chemicals that do equal harm as sugar   

4 you hardly move

You are all day sitting at office all day and you hardly walk, then this is the reason why you need a detox, you are sitting at chair drinking coffee all day, you are a caffeine addict, you sometimes even smoke, so all you need is a detox, this detox will surely bring up confidence in you and will make you less lazy, but in this chase, with detox you also need some exercise routine, this will make your detox more affective   

Detox diets are just a one thing, there are many changes that you need to bring in your lifestyle to make your detox more effective

Limit the consumption of alcohol

Liver plays an important role in removing toxins from your body, and alcohol makes your liver weak, limiting consumption of alcohol will make your body more stronger to toxins and you liver will   become stronger against all the toxins, to make your liver more stronger you will also need to increase the intake of water, it will improve your skin quality and flush out all the toxins out of your body

Sleep more

It is a debatable topic, some people say that sleeping for six hrs. is enough where was some people say that you should sleep for at least 8 hrs. According to me sleeping depends on how much work you have done all day or how much tired you are, don’t over sleep and don’t sleep less the your required amount, taking a good sleep you make your body stronger and it also removes dioxins from your body

Reduce the amount of salt intake

If you will consume more salt your body will retain more water and all the toxins will stay in in your body, excess water can also cause bloating in your body and will keep you sweatier, detoxing body means removing access fluids from your body and retaining more fluid is not good for your body

Drink more water

Yes this is one of the best things you can do, drinking more water will keep your body hydrated and aids in digestion, it also repairs your cells and blood flow, water also makes your heart more healthy and flushes out all the dioxins that are present in your body

Do more workout

Working out not only makes your heart and bones healthy but also removes toxins from your body through sweating, working out makes you breath heavier and increase your oxygen intake, and studies have shown that the people who workout daily often have habit of eating healthier, so doing so is the best practice that you can do for staying healthy and happy.

Other detox tips

  • Eat food that are high in fiber
  • Eat more fruits
  • Switch to organic food because they are grown chemical free
  • Eat less food that has non saturated fat
  • Consume fish oil as it is really good for heart

Bottom line

At last i would say that it has been proven detox diet plans are more effective then your normal dieting and workout plans, stay hydrated and workout daily and keep yourself healthy and happy and half of your life problems will be solved automatically.  

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